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New Aquaculture Fish Recipe Book

This week, S2AQUAcoLAB launches the book: "À mesa com a sustentabilidade," featuring recipes for appetizers and snacks, where the main ingredient is aquaculture fish. The digital book launch took place at the FNAC in the Algarve Forum and was supported by the cooking and pastry course of Pinheiro e Rosa Secondary School (Faro).

Sea bream, sea bass, mussels, and oysters, all of them farmed species, are widely known and consumed in our country. All of them have been featured in this book we now launch, with simple recipes, easy to replicate at home, and above all, flavorful with a special taste of sustainability.

This book also highlights a series of activities that have taken place since 2023 under the campaign "AQUA+Cultura," enabling us to spread the word about innovative aquaculture methods for producing safe food.

Livro de receitas
Download PDF • 86.78MB


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