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S2AQUA Hosts FCT Doctoral Candidates

Candidates can apply for a PhD fellowship having S2AQUA has host institution. The main research lines of S2AQUA have already been published in the FCT list, which gathers non-academic institutions available to host this years candidates. The application period for potential doctoral candidates will run from 1-31 March 2023.

S2AQUAcoLAB goal is to develop R&D activities with a view towards sustainable and smart aquaculture. It aims to play an active role in the knowledge and technology transfer working as an interface between research and industry, to provide problem-based solutions.

The PhD research lines can be developed under the topics:

(1) Use of the microalgae biomass produced using effluents of agriculture, for the production of fish, bivalves and shrimps;

(2) Integration of seaweed with fish farming in different scenarios - land-based and at-sea seaweed-finfish IMTA (Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture);

(3) Development of functional fish feeds from algae bioactive biomasses and/or extracts and integration in different stages of production cycle (larvae, post-larvae and juveniles);

(4) Preservation and enlargement of collections of bacteria as probiotics in aquaculture, parasite isolated from aquaculture produced fish, relevant macroalgae, microalgae and zooplankton for aquaculture production, cryopreserved cell lines, DNA of interest in aquaculture, semen and oocytes/eggs of marine organisms, both to ensure conservation and to expand the genetic material collection of species produced in aquaculture;

(5) Investigation of potential therapeutics against major infectious diseases in aquaculture.

(6) Development of new tools for cellular aquaculture: establishment of cell lines from marine organisms and new medium formulation

S2AQUAcoLAB has a team of highly qualified professionals, covering several areas within the aquaculture production chain, able to conduct research, supervise research plans, carry out dissemination actions, benefiting from the privileged direct contacts with the scientific and entrepreneurial sectors.

S2AQUAcoLAB and its network of partners have the infrastructure, equipment and facilities to pursue scientific research of excellence within the considered scientific areas.

S2AQUAcoLAB welcomes PhD candidates for variable hosting periods, according to each proposed work plan. Interested in applying must contact us in order to discuss a potential work plan. Feel free to write a small motivation text and send us.


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