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About Us

Turning aquaculture into a more sustainable and intelligent sector is the main objective of S2AQUA, its associates, and its team. Providing producers with additional tools and enhancing productive capacity by aligning knowledge and research with the industry are the challenges faced every day.

Our Values, Our Future, Our Work

The mission of S2 AQUAcoLAB is to take aquaculture to another level, so we have partners from all over the country, representing the biggest players in the sector in Portugal. In addition, a team of nearly 50 researchers from several educational institutions and research centres that integrate the coLAB, together with almost two dozen people that form the team of the S2AQUA will be able to face the challenges that are set in this field.

Goals and Objectives

  • Enhancing a sustainable and smart based aquaculture industry;

  • Encouraging the optimisation of marine organism production;

  • Building bridges of Science and R&D;

  • Boosting a fast-growing sector as the driving force of the economy;

Facts and Numbers

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PT 2020

It's been a long journey since we started ...

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