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Reports and other docs 

S2AQUA presents annual reports of activity and accounts to its members, which in a general meeting approve the documents. On this page, you can look up the reports that were produced and approved throughout our activity and its relevance to the Aquaculture.

At the S2AQUAcoLAB we aim to foster an inclusive work environment for all our collaborators, so we share with you two important documents that turn S2AQUA into a supportive workplace where everyone feels respected, valued, and safe.

These documents represent our dedication to maintaining a positive work atmosphere that upholds the principles of respect, equality, and inclusivity. We encourage everyone to explore these resources and familiarize themselves with the guidelines outlined within.

2021 - Annual Activities and Accounts Report

(The detailed information is only available in Portuguese)

Code of good conduct for preventing andcombating harassment at work

(Only available in English)

Gender Equality Plan

(Only available in English)

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