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Aquaculture fish

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Building bridges of science and R&D in the aquaculture sector

Turning aquaculture into a more sustainable and intelligent sector is the main objective of S2AQUA, its associates, and its team. Providing producers with additional tools and enhancing productive capacity by aligning knowledge and research with the industry are the challenges faced every day.

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Enhancing a sustainable and smart based aquaculture industry

We work for a stronger and sustainable Aquaculture that enables for the rearing of marine species suitable for a healthy and secure diet.

Our objectives are to provide the aquaculture sector with tools aimed at improving production and efficiency, thus contributing to boost the market, adding value to the product and expanding aquaculture. 

Encouraging the optimisation of marine organism production

New species of algae have been emerging as important alternatives to animal proteins for human nutrition. At S2AQUAcoLAB we study their potential in several fronts, which go far beyond food. Their application to other sectors, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, shows an enormous potential, which is yet to be unveiled!

Boosting a fast-growing sector as the driving force of the national economy

The national economy revolves around bivalve aquaculture, which represents the largest share of exports in this field. To ensure that the sector keeps on growing in a sustainable way, S2AQUAcoLAB is committed to actively collaborate in the study and prevention of pathologies, as well as defend the interests of a rapidly expanding aquaculture.

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