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Capacitação Técnica em Aquacultura

Acronym: CaptAQUA

Start date: July 2022

End Date: June 2024

Description: The CaptAQUA project aims to promote capacity building and training of resources working in the field of Aquaculture. Bringing together a group of teachers, trainers and researchers with experience in the areas of business and team management, as well as partners with proven experience in contributing to education and literacy promotion in the areas of ocean literacy, management of marine resources and Aquaculture, the project will allow the recruitment and retention of qualified professionals in traditional and emerging sectors of the blue economy. Thus, it is expected a multiplication of opportunities for success in the area, as well as an increase in the competitiveness of beneficiary companies operating in this sector.

EEA Grants: Through the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are partners in the internal market with the Member States of the European Union.

As a way of promoting a continued and balanced strengthening of economic and trade relations, the parties to the EEA Agreement have established a multi-annual financial mechanism, known as EEA Grants.

EEA Grants are aimed at narrowing social and economic disparities in Europe and strengthening bilateral relations between these three countries and the beneficiary countries.

For the period 2014-2021, a total contribution of €2,8 billion has been agreed for 15 beneficiary countries. Portugal will benefit from a sum of €102,7 million.

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Funding Entity: EEA Grants

Programme Operator: Ministério da Economia e do Mar e Direção Geral da Política do Mar

Project promotor: S2AQUAcoLAB





Budget for S2AQUA: 53 490,00 €

Funding Rate: 90%

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