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Portuguese Blue Biobank


In face of global biodiversity losses, the creation of biodiversity biobanks has been explored as a promising approach for the conservation of endangered species.

In Portugal, the creation of a national biobank for marine resources is deemed a strategic priority, not only to promote the country’s role in increasing the current knowledge of the planet’s biodiversity, but also to contribute to the international visibility of national bioresources and its economic valorization in international chains.

In view of the above, the Portuguese Blue Biobank project was established in late 2022, focused on the implementation of a national network of marine resources Biobanks, with a dedicated infrastructure and increasingly digitalized tools to enable mapping the national resources, monitorization of their end-uses and distribution, as well as the application of the international Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-sharing. 

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Set up a
demand-centered distribution system

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Develop a repositorium for the national marine biodiversity

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Establish a quality management system



The collection details are only available in english. 

To visit please select the link below.

The terms of use of S2AQUA collection are available here.


S2AQUA collection is focused on pathogenic bacteria isolated from different marine fish species and confirmed by biochemical and molecular tools.


S2AQUA collection has mainly macroalgae collected from the Portuguese coast, with focus on Ulva sp., Gracilaria sp. and Saccorhiza polyschides.

More information soon

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S2AQUA collection is constituted by fish-derived cell lines from relevant species (specially in Aquaculture), with high potential for cellular in vitro research. 

More information soon


Iris Silva (transparente).png

Iris Silva

Principal Investigator

Cátia Marques (transparente).png

Cátia Marques

Scientific Coordinator

Florbela Soares (transparente).png

Florbela Soares


Joana Rosa (transparente).png

Joana Rosa


Raquel Quintã (transparente).png

Raquel Quintã


Inês Freitas (transparente).png

Inês Freitas

Molecular Biology Technician

Morgana Angelo (transparente).png

Morgana Angelo

Molecular Biology Technician

Rui Sousa (transparente).png

Rui Sousa

Veterinary Technician

Leticia Domingues (transparente).png

Letícia Domingues

Financial Department

Andreia Pinto (transparente).png

Andreia Pinto

Communication Department

Joaquim Conceição (transparente).png

Joaquim Conceição

Communication Department

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